Happy Easter from ML.

All you Catholic, Orthodox, ect., Cadbury Egg eating people, Happy Easter. What better to celebrate then to watch a very serious religous video. GodTube holla. out. Sphere: Related Content

A little morning politics.

Now I don’t really like Geraldo, and I sure as hell don’t like O’Reilly but this is worth watching: [youtube]_J7xkuLqZAI[/youtube] Geraldo wins in this one.

Eddie Griffin’s comedic driving.

[youtube]zGOpv4o8ivs[/youtube] Just in case you haven’t seen this. I like that he laughs off crashing a 1.5 mil car. Where as on there on the other hand a common person who knows what an Enzo is, would cry as if he killed 219381293812 little children. Sphere: Related Content

ML’s Riddle 3.28.07

While walking around today (not making drug deals but rather trying to get a smoothie, in a gangsta flavor, of course), I heard a ringtone for Rich Boy’s “Throw Some D’s“. Then I thought about all the rappers that have freestyles over the beat, Kanye, Fabolous, Lil Wayne, Papoose, The Game,..

Pacman Jones Made it Rain.

If you haven’t heard on the ESPNs that Pacman Jones of the Tennakey Titans has been running a wild. Well this video helps you get a sense of what has happened (so far?). out. Sphere: Related Content

Mobb Deep’s Havoc in Studio Footage

[youtube]DVGYsDTqr4E[/youtube] This video isn’t really new to the internets but I just came across it. It’s worth checking out to see Havoc vibin in the studio and the one one female in the room looking completely bored out of her mind. While Prodigy may get more shine, I don’t know if he is..

What The Shit?!

I just watched a commercial for Def Jam: Icon. Why the hell is We Fly High the song for the ad? And why the fuck is Jim Jones in the game as a playable character? Is this a new policy where Def Jam openly promotes artists who threaten their executive..

So Good its Scary

If doing crack during childbirth is wrong then I don’t wanna be right. Enjoy. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

The Day the West Was Lost.

It never meant to change the world.It did. Made it funkier. Slowed it down. Made it scarier. When you were little, it was like the trashy novel you couldn’t put down. The kind of thing you hid when mom and dad were around. Its gangster rap. And I loved it...