DMX makes for good Video Footage.

I think I missed some classic TV by not watching DMX’s Soul of a Man on BET, thankfully Youtube comes through and provides a nice fix of some cracked out Dark Man X. Enjoy. DMX Enjoys fresh convenience store donuts, and fields telephone calls from Swizz Beatz using the store’s..

Save Mad Dough call GEBCO

[quicktime width="320" height="240"][/quicktime] (Requires Quicktime) Top 5 dead or alive insurance company raps.

Damn Homie…

The hot new teenage boy activity, being carried by old men. *NH* ***Ayo Haley Joel Osment in Hish School you were the man homie. Now you crashing your car drunk, and ‘ridin dirty’ with some weed. But the thing that upsets me is neither of the’s this: Authorities said..

All Clipsed & Cubed Out!

What up everyone, Back on May 15th I was fortunate to see the Clipse and Dogg Pound open up for Ice Cube, now after fixing my shitty internet, I was finally able to upload the concert video to share. First off, no doubt the Clipse are one of my favorite..

Gully Link throwdown..

As your homie is chillin on spring break, even though its nearing the end, I thought I’d bless you with some random ass links…. Here in the dc metro area there is no more gully dealership then Eastern’s Automotive Group who enlists the likes of Camrelo Anthony (dosen’t support snitching),..

Human Crack in the Flesh

Let me begin by saying if you haven’t got Swat 4, this is a MUST COP. This game has ruled my life to the point where I completely forgot about posting, schoolwork, and pimping. I make no exaggeration when I say, THIS GAME IS COOKED CRACK ON THE PC!!! This..

His Onion…………

Let me start by saying this: GO AND SEE SIN CITY!!!! That shit was a visual thrill as well as a violence fueled riot to watch. I dub it a classic *Metal Lungies Approved*. Michael Rourke has also gained a special place (no homo) in the figurative ML Hall of..