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Toss out the emojis, RapKey is the keyboard you need.

RapKey is a new custom keyboard for iOS/iPhone that allows you to send rap bars on demand. Because let’s be real, you need to be sending your girl some Wu-Tang lyrics instead of those heart emojis you have been sending her since you got your iPhone4.  Download & submit lyrics at..

Jamie Foxx – Ain’t My Fault.

Jamie Foxx’s grown and sexy response to the prevailing ideology of ratchet & b is worthy in the age of The Weeknd and Ty Dolla Sign.

Snoop Dogg – WFTV Millionaire (produced by Madlib).

Snoop Dogg and Madlib sounds like a fantasy collaboration some guy threw out on a rap message board. But here we are. We live in where Snoop can dip into his stash of Madlib beats for a freestyle when he hits a milestone in YouTube subscriptions. We live in amazing times.

Big K.R.I.T. – Drinkers Club (ft. Juicy J, Rittz, A$AP Ferg).

Like many blog rappers before him, Big K.R.I.T. rode a wave of great mixtapes toward an ultimately disappointing debut album. All that promise squandered, just like with Yelawolf, Wale, and other rappers who flubbed their moment in the spotlight after so many leaks and cosigns. But even after the lukewarm..