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I’m gonna take off from the usual hip-hop grind for a moment to spread the word about a special something which has recently occupied a corner of my heart. That something is the SWAT 4 single player demo. When I first tried a multiplayer demo of the new first person shooter I was blown away by the amazing graphics (based on the doom 3 engine) and gripping gameplay which would leave me entertained for hours on end, yes, It was good…….But something was missing. While performing one of my regular sweeps of fileplanet it came to my attention that a new demo for the game had been released, a single player version at that. I played through the unedited level the demo offered and was satisfied by the great bot control and accuracy when it came to rules of engagement (i.e. if he busts a cap you do too). All this was fine and well but when I came to the custom level editor I fell in love. Now don’t get me wrong, neutralizing 14 car jackers with a group of 6 guys is great but when you take on 30, on your own, well my friends that is the height of gaming ectasy. So, if your like me and tired of spending your weekends running from the police (word to White Flint Park, protect your neck) then head over to and download the new SWAT 4 single player demo. And remember, it doesn’t matter if your electronic suspects are guilty or not. Your the Po-Lice and King Kong ain’t got nothin’ on you.

Just look at these Before and Afters!!!!

Before SWAT 4:

After SWAT 4:

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