BB keepin’ it hood…….

Barry Bonds was doing an interview recently and had some candid words for the steriod allegations as well as words of warning for his son stating that “my son says to me, ‘aren’t you my friend?’ Hell no, I’m not your friend” he closed the chapter on his young boy with a resounding threat, “I’ll bust you up. And I mean it.” Barry Bond’s testicular diameter last measured in at 2mm.

Former Korn Guitarist turned Christian, Brian “Head” Welch, was baptized in the Jordan River today. He was the one who quit the band for God aka. Yoko Deity. The Jordan River was where Jesus was supposedly baptized by (Guess Who!?!) John the Baptist.
Djlethal note: peep his very odd website @

Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean doing a concert is all well and good but WHERE THE FUCK IS PRAS!?!? We need another Fugees album now!!! And speaking of the Fugees is anybody else waiting on that Dave Chappelle Block Party DVD? Not to mention Fade to Black? Can you say Pre-Order?

Barry Bonds don’t give a fuck

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