So while the 50 beefs are reaching a boiling point, there was a story that caught my eye, Lil Kim is being snitched on. Looks like after ditching Junior Mafia, karma is coming right back at the queen bee with some help from the good ol’ feds, her ex-peoples (i.e. Lil Cease, who can now be seen playing dice games in the hood on VH1) prolly have no choice but to talk, oh well my prediction: “Free Lil Kim” tees on eBay in 2 weeks?

In other news GGGGGG-Units own Tony Yayo’s sibling tried to bring a knife into the CBS studios for a TV appearance, sadly this resulted in an arrest. Maybe he is just following Tony’s lead and trying to do completely ungangster/needed bids (fake passports holla). Or maybe just maybe the feller had a role in the posse to butter people’s breads? THINK POSITIVE PEOPLE.

and last but not least we go to Mr Fiddy… if Rumors are true about a Jada/Nas/Shyne/Fat Joe track and him wanting to diss Eminem & Dre, then I would like to know in the world he is sniffing, injecting and eating (MAD COW BITCHES!). And as to Fat Joe, we get it, you are a class act that you allow other artist to use Scott Storch scraps such as Candyshop, they should noble peace prize you up sir.

Well I am out, time to go read a *gasp* book.

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  1. Djlethal01

    I only read about 15 pages so far, and it seems pretty dope not some shit u already knew, if you are into the Wu then its really good otherwise, prolly not.

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