Just a little bit.

First thing is first, Fade to Black owns me, thank you very much, and it will own you too!
Next I highly recommend that you check out an album called Prince Po-The Slickness, now this banger came out in early 2004, when I copped it but I didnt give it a full listen till yesterday, and lets just say I was blown away.

Another coach was fired, this time it was Paul Silas, For some reason he gets no love and is the first to go when a team starts to falter, but one good thing he was able to call Carlos Boozer a cunt last week. His sneaky verbatim will be missed.

In other NBA news.. with a late pass.. Franchise kicked people, coaches got fired, and Stacey Augmon threw lotion.. I Love This Game. Oh and AI is prolly gonna be hit with a suspension (WHAT?!!?!?!?)

In some other news, there was a shooting at a Nas concert in the UK… violence+rap=new & fun, right?

And today I came across the funniest gameshow episode ever.. The Weakest Link with JD, Xzibit, Rev Run, Young MC, Da Brat, Dj Quik, Nate Dogg, B-Real.. let just say shit is jokes and sadly cuts of a min or so early :(. For those with Hi-Tech 56k modems, read the MTV piece on it…and fill you self with envy.. nice green envy..


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