There is no place I’d want to be more than hot97.. This shit is fookin crazy!
lets recap. 50/G-Unit Vs. Game/Jada/Nas/Joe wow, I don’t know if 50 can handle all that esp. Jada & Nas because Game & Fat Joe pretty much cancel out G-Unit. I can’t WAIT to hear responses. so here is the audio recap for all y’all.

50 on Hot97 (sorta shitty quality)
50 sums up his situations.

“ITS OK FELLAS, STAY FOCUSED HOT97″-Flex (after the shooting of 50s Weed Carrier)
Funk Flex steals the show on this and 50s jewelery dangling while saying shooting? my n****? my n*****? I would pay so much to see security footage of g-unit running out of hot97 like Flo-Jo.

Jadakiss W/ Dj Clue on 50
Highlights: “I got some CIA people over there”; Talking about Nigeria; JADA: “I’m not gonna let the inmates down”

Buck On Game
Not too noteworthy, Buck pretty much says Game ain’t gangsta and just a rapper.

Game In Hartford (from Today)

oh man, L O FUCKING L-Stay Tuned folks

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