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With a Friday not popping off, Hangover and I decided to head out to view Dame Dash’s Dash Films latest venture the 2nd State Property (trailer) movie. The setup.. 2days into release the movie was being shown on definitely the smallest of the Regal Cinemas 13 screens. The audience was mostly minorities and in total there was about 15 people there. If you haven’t seen the original don’t worry, the first thing that happens is a recap of the first state property movie. The movie on the outside looks like a flossed up version of a low budget movie, with the cheesy special effects. But forget all that the movie teaches important vocabulary ie “figdafeelme” “surprise parties”, important calculations on how much you lose when 3 keys get stolen and have to pay lawyers ($900,000).The movie it self is about rival groups fighting for the Philadelphia’s drug market. You get to see Noreaga play one of the hilarious characters dubbed El Pollo Loco, and Loon (FYI: thankfully only ex-bad boy in the movie)plays his father of when Loco was young. Genius. One of the workers for Dame’s drug team are the *drum roll* DIPSET!! Seeing Juelz and Jimmy Jones being led by Cam decked out in a pink mink coat and a pink range rover as they go stick up a spot is worth the price of admission alone. But that’s not all you get to see a lot of your urban industry folks such as Freeway, Oschino, Omillo Sparks, Mariah Carey, Roselyn Sanchez, MOP, Kanye Tidah (Who comes through with a nice little cameo w/ a stabbing on a porch in Chicago), Some rocafella UK rap group affiliate, Young Gunz, some boxers, Nicole Wray, and so on. I won’t bore you with anymore details…Get Down or Lay Down bitches! Oh yeah Metal Lungies *APPROVED*

Continuing my little piece how crackalakin the District of Columbia is:

Apparently on Walking Town DC, a Bike tour through the Anacostia River, is sadly at capacity. Its a damn crying shame I missed out, I’ve always wanted to ride through and enjoy this:

That’s not all, apparently in the DC Metro area, Ipod thefts just like in NYC, are up, which is horrible yada yada but the Washington Post article had a quote that caught my eye…

Across the Washington area, thefts of digital music players are rising, police say, putting Scalenghe and others through the emotional trauma of losing something that has become an increasingly important and personal part of their lives. Victims said they felt the thieves got an illicit glimpse at their musical tastes and even their “souls.”

WTF…If someone gets a peek at my “soul”…lets just say the thief himself will call the cops.

If your watching 24, you probably wondering, What’s Jack’s current # of kills so far?
No worries, there is a weekly kill count complete with pictures right here, my favorite so far is #37, is when some jokester yells “Hey!” at Jack and gets shots immediately after. If your not watching do your self a favor and at least cop season1 DVD for cheap and have about 17 hours of your life be sucked away by something beautiful.

I know you wont believe this, but DMX is in trouble with the law. From impersonating an FBI agent while having some crack on hand and then having the NYPD called on him who abruptly arrested him, well now he just straight up slammed into a cruiser with his suspended silence from the previous charge. No one wyles out like DMX, and for that we
In some early 90′s, smashing rap cds type move, Harvard canceled a Snoop Dogg concert ,due to his “obscene” lyrics. They are trying to play the finance card, but I’m sorry your fucking Harvard…that’s like saying P. Diddy cant afford to new Jacob watch. I’m sure Snoop is divested because he wont be able to vibe with rich ass/smart ass white kids, his obvious target audience through out his whole career. I hope he makes a diss to Harvard.

I bet they didn’t know his dirty secret.

If your a huge *NO HOMO* Mike Vick fan, then you better be supporting dude’s case and coping the new Ron Mexico joints. You cant get a customized Mexico joint from the nfl tho, they wont allow it anymore. The true victim in this thing other than the fans who cant get authentic Mexico jerseys is the real Ron Mexico who has stood up to let the media know his phone has been off the hook since the accusations came out.

OMFG video footage of 2pac!!. I wonder if this was filmed in Cuba. (note: this whole statement is sarcasm).

For my personal procrastinating-ass its crunch time to pick my college for next year, but a very promising option has popped up.

The Dame Dash Music group lineup is sort of thin IMO, but the upcoming ODB album in June looks really promising. Personally, I cant wait to hear the Noreaga cut he did.

When Dame Dash isn’t going to be pushing his next upcoming movie (Which if you peep you get to see Mark Ronson act REALLY WHITE), upcoming albums including the aforementioned, He is gonna run for United States president . I would vote for him, but sadly Lyndon Larouche already has that locked up. But I certainly wouldn’t mind having Rocawear+Pro Keds be the official supplier of US military clothing.

All Hackers aren’t evil as the media wants you to think, some of them actually want to brighten up your day with a nice message on construction road signs. The last quote is gold and exemplifies my views.

A really good interview with Common is up at mvremix, with alot of good insight, such as that the leaked version of BE is most likely not what the retail will look like and a the corners remix with mos def & scarface is on the way!! cant wait!

Allhiphop did a interview with Young Gunz, dudes are still real hungry still and it will be interesting how they do with a real huge push from Hov. Dudes are also expanding the horizons

AllHipHop.com: Besides the music, what’s going on in life right now? Where are your interests?

Neef: The real estate business.

Young Chris: Houses. Everybody needs a place to stay.

Another good interview is up at SOHH with Capone from Capone-N-Noreaga, the shit goes pretty in-depth about what he is up to next and the whole Lil Kim trial we’ve mentioned before and to how she was trying to came out like a retarated-gangsta when she said that she never seen her own people in questioning and including on how and where was subpoenaed…

i99as is calling like, ‘You got subpoenaed.’ They going to ni99as crib. They came to my birthday [party] and hit me with a subpoena trying to thug.

I hope this is the only place in the World that gets hit by terrorists.


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