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I’d try this outfit, but I’m also a perfect size to be stuffed in a hallway locker.

One of the most unique/out of this world/alternative rappers is back, Kool Keith with his alter ego Dr. Octagon..Here is the 1st part of a 8 week series to reintroduce/introduce you to the other Doc!

… 10 years since Dr. Octagon’s groundbreaking first address to the world, “Dr. Octagonecologyst> “, a musical recording with a combination of lyrical alchemy and beat science powerful enough to teleport the first human listeners to rap in the year 3000.

… 7 years since Dr. Dooom murdered Dr. Octagon on the opening track to Dooom’s “First Come First Served”… Dr. Octagon’s office in the Bronx was boarded up, the nurses obliged to seek alternate means of employment. Thousands of patients in need of rectal rebuilding or removing turtles from their uteruses had to fulfill their medical needs elsewhere. The toll-free hotline 1-800-PP5-1-DOODOO and his space age cell 709 755 6EL3 were both disconnected.

The Pop epidemic proliferates, poisoning millions. Evil forces at work, those who “water down the sound that comes from the ghetto”, continue plugging this poison directly into Earth society’s mainstream, in greater and greater doses. The casualties mount, while The National Guard United States Enterprise is helpless. The rap game, overcrowded with so-called rap super-villains, now more than ever before, could use a rap superhero.

The team at OCD International arrived for work to find a small indiscriminate package has arrived mysteriously at their doorstep. Unlabeled. How curious. Opening the box, its sole content is discovered – what seems to be a nano-size mp3 player, in purple-green casing adorned with shimmering blue flowers. An inscription, laser etched on the back reads, “Attention: Earth People. From the Labs of Dr. Octagon, Planet Jupiter”.

Could it be? THE RETURN OF DR OCTAGON!? Is this really the one & only Dr. Octagon? The folks at OCD had to get to the bottom of this. The tracks were immediately ripped off the mp3 player and then shipped for intense forensic voice identification. IT IS HIM!

But what is he saying? What is the message and why is it left with OCD? To get to the bottom of the mystery as crack team of musical experts were assembled to analyze the content of some key track and decipher the code.

First on the case was DJ Mike Relm, inventor of the Zodyak Scop System, esteemed architect of the future sound of hip hop. Mike has seen a lot of strange things in his time; it is no secret that he was once a Turntable Terrorist trafficking in supernatural sonics. He plugged into his ProTools, only to find himself possessed… By some superior force.

After an indefinite period of time, he awoke with a start, in his studio in San Francisco. He vaguely recalls visions of a 12th century turret in the old quarter of Prague, and a vile, evil creature only describable as halfsharkalligatorhalfman. Not to mention, Mike’s throbbing head. Confused and disoriented, he glanced over to his computer screen. A long, dense 20-minute waveform is displayed; the name of the file reads “Octagynaemix”. Could it be Mike’s mix unfolded during a freak forced coma brought on from post-future hypnotic soundwave embedded in the files. Or did Mike just have some bad fish.

Only he truly knows…

Mike Relm 20 minute Return of Dr Octagon megamix

Log on next Friday for the next installment of this amazing 8 week story featuring new interpretations of Dr Octagon tracks each week by Prefuse 73, Kid Loco, Her Space Holiday, Rob Sonic, Skinny Man and more.

The Return Of Dr Octagon hits stores June 27th

….for a white scientoligist guy.

some other shit I have come across, I am really obsessed with the Aresnio Hall Clips as of late..

NWA – 100 Miles and Runnin’

Beastie Boys – So Watcha Want

Big Daddy Kane – I Get The Job Done
… this guy had the sickest dance moves of any MC, he needs a record deal right now, its been wayyyy to long.

also it looks like Mobb Deep + Jay-Z have made up, only 2313123 years late, I wonder if Curtis Jackson told them (Mobb Deep) to play nice?

Cam’s new magazine?
and we have very high expecations for his website right here.

It looks like all the stabbings/shootings/running aways might have to be done at another location as they are trying to evict Hot97

A very deep interview with my favorite MC, Talib Kweli..
Part 1 Part 2
Talks a lot about all the label bullshit.

More Ghostface, in an actual Kitchen!

I like Raja Bell but Kobe pretty much clowned him in this one. If it was me I would make some Taco Bell joke.

damn youtube is taking over this mug.

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