TIP: it dosen’t matter who you are, you can still get arrested/ shot

Ok, you tell me, How could I NOT use a pic like this??

More details have come out from the shooting of Beanie Sigel, who some claim was a publicity stunt (what does have to publicize about right now??), regardless, him asking “know who I am?” got him shot AFTER he gave up his ice. Which was worth 75 thousand, yet he was rolling in an Chevy Impala which I believe goes for 20k or so, as former Beanie nemesis-Jada would say “Why?”.

That’s how I would react to the 5-0.

Down south in the MI-Yayo, one of my favorite players, Gilbert Arenas was arrested with his weed carrying collegue, Awvee (Snoop would say Ooooweee) Storey. Now I am a big fan of Gilbert but him saying

“You can’t arrest me. I’m a basketball player. I play for the Washington Wizards and I’m not going to leave my teammate.”

didn’t help. Do you think if i said “You can’t arrest me. I’m a failing college student. I attend a community college and I’m not going to leave my classmate”, would work?

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