Pilot Post

In an effort to spice things up around here, The Artist Formerly Unknown As Djlethal01 has entrusted me to bring a fresh new perspective to Metal Lungies, and I’ll be reppin’ the Midwest Indie/Emo/Rock/Punk/Hardcore scene. To be honest I can’t claim to be an expert in anything; I’m not exactly the guy who goes out to every show possible, I don’t have the rare 7″ limited press transparent blue with glittered edges of your favorite band, but I try to keep updated with fresh music and my mind open to great possibilities.

While my knowledge of general music is limited to whatever is being overplayed on mainstream radio, I love lots of things passionately: Saosin, Escape The Fate, Underoath, At The Drive-In, Saves The Day, Emanuel, The Kooks, Taking Back Sunday, Alkaline Trio… the list goes on, gets confused, contradicts itself, and so on. For those inclined to post comments, I welcome all honest opinions and blind hatred! Anyway, look for my inane ramblings, bland reviews of amazing bands, and witty banter.

Love peace and unity.


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