Damn Homie…

The hot new teenage boy activity, being carried by old men. *NH*

***Ayo Haley Joel Osment in Hish School you were the man homie. Now you crashing your car drunk, and ‘ridin dirty’ with some weed. But the thing that upsets me is neither of the actions..it’s this:

Authorities said Osment was driving home alone about 1 a.m. when his 1995 Saturn hit a mailbox and flipped over.

Damn. A 1995 Saturn? Really? How the hell are you gonna drive that car around when you’ve done big hollywood movies? The people that catered the food on the movie sets are pushing better rides.

Keeping it moving with this Celebrity moment…

***Vanessa from MTV/TRL was dancing at some club, nothing special untill some Lil Jon comes on. Her dance is priceless.

Video Link

***and wtf is this:

No I don’t need blinders to look at this pic.

I guess Paul Wall and his Vietnam homie are branching out their operations. Damn TMZ is addicting.

***This is not really Celebrity but this is a pretty popular video I just came across of Dubya “singing” Sunday Bloody Sunday, well done I must say.


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