Metal Lungie Diggin 8.19.06

Recovering from having my wisdom teeth savagely taken from me, I decided to search through some of my old school hip-hop yesterday. I came upon my old copy of Licensed to Ill (I have 4 copies). It was then I remembered that I heard the Beasties were a hardcore punk band before they went to hip-hop. So after a little research (big-up to the Wiki) I found the name of their first punk EP, Pollywog Stew (pictured above). After more research I found that all of the songs on this obscure EP, including some other hardcore songs from their other punk EP’s, had been re-released in 1995 on the LP Some Old Bullshit. So I copped it, and let me tell you that this is not only some good hardcore but this also gives me a greater appreciation for one of my favorite hip-hop groups who have now become one of my favorite hardcore groups as well.

Check a Sample: Beastie Boys- Ode To; (off of their first EP)

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