Please Stop…. Please!

More recently I’ve been hearing rappers featuring people who cannot sing for shit singing their hooks on their songs.

The first time this phenomenon really hit me was with Big Moe on that Mike Jones track Flossin’. Now, me being a fan of Moe’s mic skills, I originally thought the song would feature a rap verse from the talented Houston MC. But unfortunately I was given a grating hook with only a little bit of rhyming. Honestly, more recently I have grown to like the song (but I’m still not a fan of his singing… the rhymes though) and I only use him as an early example to lead into one of the biggest problems in rap. Max B.

This Dipset-affiliate has recently been appearing on different Jim Jones songs and also on the new Cam’ron album. My least favorite song with this dude singing on it is a new Jim Jones single called “Don’t forget about me.” This song has some classic Jim Jones rhymes but I just have to know what Max B had to put in Jim’s weed to make him think he was a good singer. I mean it was either he drugged him or he took a bullet for him. What did you do Max B??!?!?!

P.S.- I still like Max B’s rap skills.

Like you never sang the hook of Flossin’ alone in your car……shit.

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