Old School Goodness

Ah yes 3rd Bass. What a classic group from the golden age of hip-hop. But I noticed something when I was looking over my copy of The Cactus Album, they featured Zev Love X, an MC from a group called KMD, on their single Gas Face. KMD would later disband due to the death of group member DJ Subroc. His brother Zev Love X dissappeared from hip-hop and apparently lived “damn-near homeless” in Manhattan until he resurfaced in 1997 at some local poetry jams. You may be more familiar with his current moniker, MF Doom.

Check the vid from 1989! Doom is the guy in the glasses. This was before he wore a mask, and rapped monotone.


[youtube]HF4IQlsm7Ds[/youtube] Sphere: Related Content

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