Ghostface Blogs, + Video for Barrel Brothers Ft. Styles P.

SOHH has brilliantly got Tony Starks to guest blog for them. He just filed his 1st entry; here is a sample:

Even if the computer wilds out you can always back that sh*t up on one of them sticks. What’s that sh*t called? I don’t know. Mike (Ghost’s manager) is on it like that.

For some reason we get this feeling that someone maybe “ghosttyping” (no pun intended). We need to look into doing that ourselves around here.

Eskay posted this a few days back but we weren’t in the mood, but regardless, this shows you kids that you don’t need some crazy budget to make a dope video. We highly recommend watching the high quality version over at the directors site, if your internet connect is up to par that is!

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