R.I.P. James Brown


No, It didn’t slip my mind in my earlier post but, I thought the man deserved his own post. He died early Sunday morning from pneumonia, which was crazy to me, after seeing news footage of him just back on Friday when he was giving back to the community by presenting Christmas gifts to the needy. This true icon will be missed.

Read his wikipedia entry here. Looking at his top ten singles, its incredible to see someone be relevant to top the charts for more than 4 decades. This man defiantly left one of the biggest marks on music of any acts in history.

Also, check out boing boing’s entry for a link to a great James Brown playlist from a few Christmases ago and this eerie tidbit:

Reader comment: Andrew Tonkin says,

FYI James recorded a song called “Christmas in Heaven” (Amazon Link) – creepy man, it’s like he KNEW.

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