The White Rapper Show + Tyrese Update.

I was about to turn off the TV last night when something caught my eye. It was the last few minutes of egotrip’s White Rapper Show. I decided to check out the show just because egotrip was handling the show. A little background info, Egotrip is a now-defunct magazine/set of books/TV show maker for VH1. I own all their books (Big Book of Racism & The Book of Rap Lists), I’ve seen all their previous VH1 show specials like race-o-rama, and they made some of the best hip-hop television I’ve have ever watched. If you’ve ever read any of their written product (that written product is what’s hot yo!) you can see the seamless transition from the minds that brought you the magazines/books working to transport their genius to the TV medium. Anyway, back to show, its hosted by MC Serch of 3rd Bass, who is a heavily slept on icon in hip hop (I would consider him as a link to the bridge between Beastie’s and Eminem). Serch really shines on the show, by not putting on some sugar-coated survivor TV reality host shit act. You get to see who the true Serch is, the one you’d be staring down in your A&R meeting. I kind of wish they will incorporate some white rappers outside of Serch into the show to the contestant how it is done. I’m not necessarily talking about Eminem, people like Bubba Sparxxx, Lil Wyte, or even ML favorite Hot Karl would suffice. From what I saw at the end, egotrip’s humorous touches are incorporated into the show, their dedication to hip-hop history isn’t either. I didn’t get to see much of the episode, I hope to catch the rerun, but it looks like the people involved are true hip-hop heads. They have to be, by getting people from Grandmaster Flash to Prince Paul to be a part of the show. As for the contestants they don’t seem too bad, defiantly not some rapping American Idol rejects, I look forward to see how they develop. It airs Monday nights, check out the VH1 site for the show. Maybe I should liveblog/episode recap for this series or something.

As for Tyrese thing I mentioned last week, apparently the whole incident was “distorted”, riiiight.

p.s. I did see the Snoop movie, a post should come soon.


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