Metal Lungie Diggin 2.18.07

It has been waaaaaay too long since I broke you guys off with some ML diggin, well fear no more. The goodies are back. Check these two duos.





1)Ok so.. I can’t provide ANY (!!) background info on the duo, let alone this particular track, other then the year it came out in was 1992. But you don’t want to turn down this dope golden era track. If you have any info about the group/track hit up the comments!

Underground Mafia-Caught Up In The System

2) Yg’z were Pete Rock’s homies, though they never took off they recorded some good 90s hip-hop, due in part to Pete Rock’s beats. There is also a classic story about them & Pete Rock over at Bol’s site. This particular track appeared on the Menace II Society soundtrack and goes 6 verses deep. My favorite line is ‘So back up, be ghost when I keep my toast Murder She Wrote yo’.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth Ft. YGz-Death Becomes You


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