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Eddie Griffin’s comedic driving.

[youtube]zGOpv4o8ivs[/youtube] Just in case you haven’t seen this. I like that he laughs off crashing a 1.5 mil car. Where as on there on the other hand a common person who knows what an Enzo is, would cry as if he killed 219381293812 little children. Sphere: Related Content

25 Worst Rap Names.

Cracked has put together a list of the 25 worst rap names. The name at #1, I don’t know if it is the worst rap name but it has to be one of the most hilarious ones. As for the rest of the list it’s entertaining but I don’t see how ‘The..

Metal Lungies Diggin 3.29.07

Today’s topic is the Crew Cut. I would like to say it’slost in modern hip-hop, but in fact, it is all too overused in the multi-featured power remixes of today. In the old days it would be a test of skill in which MC’s would get together with respected peers..

Metallungies has now invaded MTV News.

Your remember a bit back we got shout outs from Squeek Boogie over in Pheonix, well now you can see Metallungies in MTV News segments. If you look closely, use that pause button VCR style, at about 1:28, you can see the entry we had about that Havoc freestyle. Nice eh? ..

ML’s Riddle 3.28.07

While walking around today (not making drug deals but rather trying to get a smoothie, in a gangsta flavor, of course), I heard a ringtone for Rich Boy’s “Throw Some D’s“. Then I thought about all the rappers that have freestyles over the beat, Kanye, Fabolous, Lil Wayne, Papoose, The Game,..

Metallungies Hollers @ Marco Polo, Interview.

Marco Polo, it’s not the name of an explorer or a swimming pool game kids! Marco Polo, it’s the name of the producer that you need to keep your eyes peeled for. Born in Toronto, but now working out of NYC, he is rapidly putting together quite the resume for..

A-Plus tour dates.

Everybody loves a good true hip-hop show, you can’t go wrong with A-Plus of Hieroglyphics/ Souls of Mischief. He is going to be touring in support of his debut solo album My Last Good Dead. Joining him on the tour will be the likes of Masta Ace, Wordsworth, DJ Flo Fader, Bukue One,..

Pacman Jones Made it Rain.

If you haven’t heard on the ESPNs that Pacman Jones of the Tennakey Titans has been running a wild. Well this video helps you get a sense of what has happened (so far?). out. Sphere: Related Content

Metallungies Hollers @ Emily King, Interview.

We mentioned her before, but we got the opportunity to talk to her and find out who Emily King is. Growing up with parents who were both jazz singers definitely molded her to become a musican. One of her first major experiences was writing for Nas, where she penned Reason..