Hip Hop + Art: Notorious B.I.G.

Graffiti is a form of art, as well as being one of the four hip hop elements, which leads me to naturally think hip hop + art is a perfect match. With this ML is launching a new series which will feature hip hop inspired art of all forms.

I will try to do batches of stuff in entries that I find, but to kick it off I just want to do one piece. This is a superb oil painting that coincides with the recent 10th anniversary of the death of the man some also called Frank White. I think alot of hip hop heads would defiantly have this in their living rooms.

If you have any art that you’ve come across that you think is dope and needs some shine or you have some of your own art you’d like to share hit me up at Djlethal01 at metallungies period com.



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