Peep this Sacha Jenkins interview.

I caught this very interesting interview via spinemagazine, if you truly breathe this hip-hop shit then its a must read, I agree with most of the things he mentions. Plus he is MoCo born & raised!


here is a sample:

I don’t think VH1 is the place where hip hop goes to die. But sadly, the reason why I fucking hate hip hop and why it sucks pelican balls is: why is it that the fucking Rolling Stones–those motherfuckers old enough to be your grandfathers–they’re fucking rich and can continue to tour? I’m not saying that the Rolling Stones are going to have some shit hotter than Fallout Boy, but they can still record and they can still make a nice living for themselves. OK, Ice T is on VH1. Is he dying or is he actually living? Is he actually able to have an impact on the culture or at least catch a check? Should we be mad at VH1 because they’re actually giving people who laid the foundation for a lot of shit a fucking check when so-called black networks won’t give them a fucking shot while focusing on the new hot shit? You’ll listen to radio stations and they’ll be like Notorious BIG, old school, 1994. How is ’94 old school? So what is Chuck Berry; is that like fuckin’ the Aztecs? How is that Old school?


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