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Has anyone been shocked with the recent number of free Hip-Hop releases? It would seem that Indie Hip-Hoppers have just decided that selling out to a culture that makes singles like This is Why I’m Hot a national hit is not worth it anymore. And I tend to agree. After all, is it worth it to try and sway a kid who honestly thinks Lil Wayne is the greatest lyricist of all time? Or Someone who calls into his radio station to request Make it Rain everyday but has never heard Glamour Life, never heard J.O.S.E.? Are these Hip-Hop fans? Is this all they know, or have they lost their way? I had a dude walk up to me yesterday and try to argue that Cam’ron’s Purple Haze was a better album than Illmatic. Is he wrong? Or do I just not understand the intricacy in a line like “I get computers puting”?

Thank God [adultswim] keeps bringing that fire. They dropped a new free joint. Its called Definitive Swim. Its like Chrome Children except with Def Jux artists. Its real hot. Real Hot. Cop it.

If you feel like not putting your hard earned dollars into the pipe for one day then cop that new El-P album when it drops. Could be a giant?

Get some good hip-hop in you, and turn off the damn radio. You’ve had your fill of crap. We all have.

P.S. Fuck the Bouncer at Sonar! You know who you are! DC clubs run your bitch ass anyway!

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  1. Mike

    Yo, no offence to your blog cause the shit is hot son, but Lil Wayne is a dope lyricist. Have you check Tha Carter and Tha Carter II? Make it rain is a ridiculous song and Fat Joe is wack as fuck, But Lil’ Weezy is one of the best things that has happened to hip hop since Eminem met Dre.

  2. hangover_monkey

    Dude I have been a fan of Young Carter since the first BG album. And he is hot as hell. But I can name at least 10 living rappers off the top of my head who can rap circles around dude, and Eminem isn’t even on that list.

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