G-Unit Sh-sh-shakeups?

50 Cent was just on Hot97 a day or two back, sounding real mature and business like I gotta admit. He covered the allegations of Tony Yayo beating up Jimmy Henchman’s kid. It sounds like the man is trying to take G-Unit in a new different direction. ML’s favorite Young Buck might not be a part of the plans, although it wasn’t clear, likening Buck to The Game, doesn’t signal a bright future for him as a G-Unit soldier. I wouldn’t be too worried for Buck I think he can pull his own weight.


Oh and 50 confirmed G-unit said peace to:

Olivia, which is as surprising as needles at a heroin addicts house. She notches herself a second straight shelved (3 S’s!!) major label release, congrats! 

Listen to the interview at nahright.


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