Hip Hop + Art: The Roots

Two weeks ago on this day, I was in Toronto watching the best live act on earth in concert. The Roots, who I haven’t seen in about 2 years blew everyone’s mind. There wasn’t a second that wasted from all the James Brown covers to ?uestlove dancing. I didn’t bother to bring in a camera because no photo taken with my shaky/tired hands would do justice and looking at my camera phone pictures you can’t even tell that I was at the concert. This made me think of them as the perfect candidate for: Hip Hop + Art entry.

A drawing of ?uestlove & Black Thought:

Some cool Photomanipulation of ?uestlove:

A very dope Roots wallpaper (good hip-hop related wallpapers like this are hard to come by):

A very Artistic drawing of ?uestlove:

Another interesting photomanipulation with ?uestlove The Roots:

The following two I couldn’t embed into the post but defiantly deserved a mention.

?uestlove drawing & Roots Vector.

Bonus: check out the jam band-esque stash of live recordings at The Roots Live.

EDIT: I somehow skipped over these:

A very detailed Black Thought Vector:

And another more colorful one:

A very lifelike drawing of ?uestlove:

A funky ?uestlove digital art piece:

An urban painting of ?uestlove:

Unembedable joints:

A Black Thought, ?uestlove and Erykah Badu deck of cards

An amazing Digital Art ?uestlove tribute


Another ?uestlove vector piece, with rich colors.


If you have any art that you’ve come across that you think is dope and needs some shine or you have some of your own art you’d like to share hit me up at Djlethal01 at metallungies period com.


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