ML’s Something to View 4.06.07

Damn! I haven’t done this stuff in such a long time you’d probably would have thought by now there wasn’t anything hot to view. Well if that was true, your hallucinations are brutal! To whip this series back into shape today I watched Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story. This is a mockumentary; think something ala The Office but instead of an office playing the setting it’s paintball battlefields and the very sophisticated places paintball players hangout. The story is about Bobby Dukes (played by Rob Corddry) who rose up to be a legend in paintball, attempting to make a comeback into the paintball world after being gone on a 10 year hiatus after being caught cheating. All of the characters in this are quirky oddballs that have their unique ways of making you laugh. It’s always good when you can even laugh at the villain. Anyway if you like The Office, Best Week Ever, or The Daily Show, you will really enjoy the movie.

Here is the trailer.


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