Mark your calendars…

… because Comedy Central is set to roast Flava Flav — the man with a face only a mother, and a gaggle of money-hungry skanks out for reality-TV money, could love — later this year. XXL is reporting that it will air on Sunday, August 10th, though August 10th is actually a Friday, but I’m confident we’ll be hearing plenty more about this as August approaches. I’m curious to see how this roast will go, as after two seasons of messing with all those chicks on Flavor of Love, I think that Flav may have been “burnt” a few times already, if you follow me.

One of my favorite Flava Flav moments was at a BET Awards show a few years ago, when Public Enemy was being interviewed during the pre-show by former BET personality/failed rapper/NOT a mother to a Jay-Z baby, Free. I kid you not, Free actually asked Flav, “So, what’s up with the clock?” Flav kept it together, but you could tell he was a split second away from blurting out, “Bitch, have you ever seen me WITHOUT a clock?”

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