Party Like A REAL Rock Star!

In other words, don’t be like these guys. Instead, be more like these guys…

Download: Run-D.M.C. & Aerosmith – “Walk This Way”

Download: Boogie Down Productions – “Dope Beat” (sampling AC/DC – “Back In Black”)

Download: Public Enemy & Anthrax – “Bring The Noise”

Download: Body Count (Ice-T) – “Cop Killer”

Download: Sublime – “Doin’ Time (Remix)” featuring The Pharcyde

Download: Ice Cube – “Fuck Dying” featuring Korn

Download: Busta Rhymes – “This Means War!!” featuring Ozzy Osbourne (sampling Black Sabbath – “Iron Man”)

Download: Jay-Z – “Takeover” and Mos Def – “The Rape Over” (both sampling The Doors – “Five To One”)

Download: Big Pun – “Still Not A Player” featuring Incubus (from Loud Rocks)

[P.S. Motherfuck a Photoshop. Microsoft Paint WHAT!] Sphere: Related Content

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