New Ali Vegas, ‘That’s Where I’m From’, off of his debut album.

You know we’ve shown our appreciation for Ali Vegas before, so naturally I’m stoked to be hearing music off of his waaaaaayyyy overdue debut album . I’m hearing the album drops Jan 2008 on Rich Soil (owned by Lamar Odom) via Asylum. Anyways check out the new Ali Vegas:
Mp3 Link.

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    not bad not…bad.. he always could narrate a good story

    Off subject…I would merk almost anybody to get a mp3 of Ali Vegas “Fire” mixtape track circa 2002-2003 ??


    Nahhh yo… it was just a high tempo song…with an original beat…I think somebody from his crew was on there two…

    I’m pretty sure I heard it over at HHG

    It was ridiculous..get amped type ish

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