Kanye’s Homecoming verse came from Home.

Following up ML Reader Safari’s comment in the Homecoming Entry, he tipped us off to something. Homecoming uses a verse from a 2002 track called Home Kanye did with John Legend. Recycled verses are kind of a bummer (but Kanye did it on his last album too using his Wack Niggas verse on Bring Me Down). We should’ve known something was odd when we remembered a good amount of the song after about 1 listen (we were big on Get Well Soon eons ago). In the big picture of things we still like Homecoming more than Home. Kanye sounds better, Chris Martin fits in better than John Legend, and the beat is more hypnotizing.

Anyway, check the original.

Kanye West ft. John Legend-Home (off the Get Well Soon mixtape) 

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  1. Kwis

    hwo does a brit singing about lake michigan fit in better than john legend? the original is far better. he also recycled hey mama. i’m glad he finally put these two really good songs on albums, but i appreciated that hey mama was pretty close to the original just buffed up for the album, this one i’m not big on. the beat is dope, is it that hard to write a new song that actually goes to the beat?

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