TMZ has me buggin-Mixtape DJ’s write for Akon, Floyd Mayweather to dance?

Yes I’m man enough to admit I read TMZ almost as much as I read ESPN. Any who these 2 things from today leave me hella puzzled.

Ok being a Mixtape DJ is cool, I knew you could be modeling for karmaloop & LRG. But writing introspective R&B songs for Akon, amazing. This is like Funkmaster Flex writing for 112 or some shit.

Then there is this (don’t sift through the pics)..Floyd Mayweather is going to be on Dancing With The Stars? Is this the new jump roping for boxers?

I wonder what Royce thinks.

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  1. alisa

    akon u are so rude u are a bitch,motherfaker,faker,idoit,stupidasshole,mamas boy,u learn the word sex from ur mother fuckoff and also do u really do sex to nearly all of the girls?cause u say it nearly all oif the songs and u r so sexist to the girls

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