Trapped in the Closet Chapter 18,19,20 Thoughts.

Had a little birthday celebrating to take care of but now we are hitting you with the trifecta. Chapter 18, 19, 20 all in one!

Ch. 18

  • Dykin=awesome term.
  • Award winning green screen work in the car.
  • Verizon with a RAZR? God damn it that phone is like 343242 year old why won’t people stop using that played out shit.
  • Why do I think the Pastor is inspired by R. Kelly’s Happy People video?
  • After seeing this Reverend scene I hope Eddie Murphy is getting royalties from this.
  • Was it beyond R. Kelly to sneak in a white person into this church?
  • R. Kelly singing a graphic conversation gay back and forth gets him street cred right?
  • Rufus may be gay but at least he doesn’t have a pink RAZR.
  • Wait Chuck is in a hospital so maybe he’s not really crying, maybe it’s just saline solution OD?

Ch. 19

  • Not expecting the church? Umm.. for what all we’ve seen it’s not really shocking.
  • “You can do it Pimplooscious” will be humming in our heads for weeks.
    Chech? I hope that’s not a subliminal at Don Juan/Snoop.
  • I hope Pimplooscious is a gay pimp.

Ch. 20.

  • Package? It makes me think Randolph would be a good drug peddler.
  • What is the purpose of a hot water bag??
  • Man I’m kinda disappointed by Randolph… he is liquoring up in a church AND he snitches?
  • Is it me or have you see better fat suits than the one “Randolph” has at your local 5th grade Halloween party (not that we still attend those, kthxbye)?

You’ve been waiting and here is the don of all don’s, PD:

Chapter 18:

  • R., starting to get a bit homophobic and/or lonely in the screening room.
  • This looks like a real chapter.
  • “Phone is staticin’.” That was unnecessary suspense. 
  •  Oh, he flipped the script! Goin’ to chuuuuurch!   
  • Isn’t Rufus the pastor? Should he be getting up and walking out of the service like that? I don’t know, maybe that’s normal.
  •  Chuck is in rough shape, man. 
  • Rufus, re-establishing the fact that he’s married to Kathy. Thanks for reminding us.
  • Haha! What a choker. He tried to hang up and accidentally put it on speakerphone?                                                                                                                     
  • Rufus looks like he’s getting ready to leave life on the down low…            “‘Cause I’m in a hospitaaaaal….” C’mon Rufus, it wasn’t that much of a shock. People go to the hospital sometimes. Just ask him why he’s there.

Chapter 19:

  • Pimps go to church?  
  • “You want to stop pimpin’ aaaaaall these hos.” “Shhhhh!”
  • Pimp Lucius shows no signs of change. The “Ho…me ghost?”  
  • I guess if pimps can go to church, so can hos.
  • To everyone who thinks R. is taking himself too seriously, watch the end commentary. Kind of disappointing. I sort of wish he was taking this seriously.

Chapter 20:

  •  Back to Rosie.  
  • Old ladies always want to know what’s going on with the holy man.
  • Haha, he’s just singin’ while he’s cleanin’.  “Yes, Lord….yeeees, Lord.”
  • YES!  Someone got back in the closet!
  • How did Randolph hear what Chuck was saying?
  • You know, there was some actual plot development in this chapter.  Thumbs up.
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