For the good times.

The Diplomats’ music isn’t what it used to be, recently lacking in both quality and quantity. (Seriously, a Freeky Zekey solo album? Was anyone anticipating that?) And the fact that the whole Jim-Jones-signing-to-G-Unit rumor had been picking up steam lately — it’s been deaded by 50 Cent, so take that for what it’s worth — isn’t likely to smooth anything over between Cam’ron and Jim. With Jim Jones looking for more than a future deal with Koch from here on out, he’s clearly wise to exploit the mutual respect between he and arguably the best hit-maker in hip hop today. Besides, nowadays, if you’re not respected by 50, you’re likely to get disrespected by 50 — shit, you could stand next to him on stage and be told that you suck.

We might as well accept that the Diplomats’ future is hanging on by a thread, and just make sure that we remember the days when that wasn’t case — the dope albums they were dropping 3-4 years ago (i.e. the 1st Diplomatic Immunity, Purple Haze), their rampant self-contradicting, and the sizable dent they’ve left on YouTube. I could to refer Cam’s classic appearance on The O’Reilly Factor alongside Damon Dash, but I’m sure that’s old news to everyone. Instead, here’s some footage of the formerly-close trio of Cam, Jim (who is HEAVILY intoxicated) and Juelz Santana being driven around London by Tim Westwood (the 1st 3 minutes is radio interview stuff, freestyles that you’ve heard on retail albums and what not, the real fun starts after that):


If you’ve never seen this before, here’s 5 reasons why you should (you’ll understand after watching it):


4. “You see my bitch right here… Don’t be mad, you my BITCH!”

3. “WHAT’S THE PLAN?!? … Alright, I’mma call you back.”


1. “And the bad thing about it was she thought she was DOIN’ IT! But she wasn’t DOIN’ IT!”

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