ML Hooks It Up: Honda Battle of the Bands ‘Stompin at the Dome’ DVD.

  We told you we had more stuff coming!

This time we are offering the new DVD, Stompin at the Dome which documents the Historically Black College/University tradition of marching bands and the faceoff to see who is #1.  This isn’t some Nick Cannon movie, this is the real deal, I’m talking bands covering Michael Jackson to Gnarls Barkley! 42 (!!) bands face off to see who is the best HBCU marching band in the nation. 

Expect a review from our resident marching band expert DSuper expert real soon too. We hear he is a big fan of majorettes.

For more info check out the official site. Trailer here.

To win a copy (we got a boatload, trust!) just e-mail , with the topic ‘Battle of the Bands Contest’, and we’ll hook it up. Winners will be contacted next week.

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