Who did it first?

I just got around to listening to that new Wu track. You know, the one with the “first-ever Beatles sample.” And all I have to say is WTF?! The track is great but that beat has been out since February!!!! I believe it was B-Boy Grunt (Former ML Affiliate) who posted the track on our site while it was just a Ghostface Solo joint (also a great song, by the way). This wouldn’t bother me much; but MTV put a big article up two days ago about how the sample isn’t actually an original Beatles sample and the clan has now admitted to this. No Shit! Its obviously not the same song from the damn White Album!!!! MTV is saying George Harrison’s son, Dhani, is the dude playing guitar on the track and at least that seems like a verified claim. But a dude who commented on our February post (a Mr. Squeek Boogie) said that the original sample was of a cover of the Beatles song by the Jazz Guitarist Jimmy Ponder. And he’s right, it is. Take A Listen.

Everybody is talking now. Shoulda listened to us in February!!!!

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