Freeway Vid Roundup.

Free At Last drops today, so I thought I’d round up all the music videos he’s made in 2007. Free’s been busy, damn! Here we go!

His first video of ’07 was his appearance of Skillz’s "Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know". It sounds exactly like "What We Do" but I think that was the point. Love how they’re wearing each others’ t-shirts.

"Still Got Love" with a nice Curtis Mayfield sample, if I’m not mistaken.

"Lights Get Low" ft. Dre and Rick Ross: (sidenote: man, if Ross doesn’t have the second best beard in hip hop…)

"It’s Over" (dope production on this one):

Bonus: A freestyle.

Whew, I think that’s it. Don’t forget our recent roundup of 4 other recent Freeway tracks, none of which apparently made the album. Why did they take off the excellent "Where You’ve Been"?

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