Remix Tuesdays: Da King & I.

I’m using this post to start my new weekly series of posts, Remix Tuesdays.

Every Tuesday, I’m going to upload a dope remix and write a little bit about it. Today I’m writing about DJ Premier’s remix of Da King & I’s song “Flip Da Script”.

Da King & I was a Brooklyn based hip hop group, consisting of MC Izzy Ice and producer DJ Majesty. They put out one album together, 1993′s Contemporary Jeep Music, released on Dallas Austin’s record label (yep, Boyz II Men Dallas Austin). It’s an excellent jazz-rap album with virtually no filter and was very overlooked at the time.

Premo’s remix is based around a jazzy sax line that slips in and out of the mix and a smooth bass line. DJ Premier puts his signature scratches on the chorus, tearing up a sample from Grand Puba’s “Check It Out” , of Stud Doogie saying “flippin’ the script!” (thanks to Mike Czech for identifying the sample!)

The DJ Premier remix can be found here and here’s the instrumental.

Buy Contemporary Jeep Music, it’s worth it!

Bonus links: An interview on the awesome From Da Bricks with Da King & I producer DJ Majesty.

The link to the video for the original song (embedding disabled, unfortunately)

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  1. Mike Czech

    That “flippin the script” is from Grand Puba’s “Check It Out” w/ Mary J Blige… it’s the very first line in the song. If memory serves it’s Stud Doogie saying that.

  2. AaronM

    And thank you, Dan!
    From Da Bricks is fuckin’ great. And I thought I had all the Pete Rock material out there!
    Hope you’re off hiatus soon. And good luck with the teacher inspections.

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