Burntpiano X Metal Lungies: THE INTERNETS MIX COUP D’ETAT VOL 1.

(Cover by ML Friend Niklas Rosen)

Lock up the doors kids, the chain gang is getting bigger once again. Burntpiano, a DJing/Mixing extraordinaire is now rocking a (virtual) ROC ML diamond piece. To go all in, we are starting a series of mixes dubbed The Internets Mix Coup D’etat.

Anyway here is the pr-pr-premier, no real theme the first time around, just a dedication to Pimp C/UGK (check the tribute in the middle).

Mp3: Burntpiano X Metal Lungies The Internets Mix Coup D’etat Vol.1.

Stay on the look out for stacks and stacks of work (including posts with spam and porn) from BP around here in the future (and don’t forget to check his official site).

Tracklistings after the jump:

(0:00-0:07) Ghostface – Metal Lungies
(0:07-0:41)Dreddy Kruger-Introduction/Muhammad Ali – The Greatest Speech
(0:41-2:35)People Under the Stairs – The LA Song
(2:35-4:58)Kanye West, Nas and KRS One – Better than I’ve Ever Been (DJ Premier Remix) (Nas and KRS One Verses)
(4:58-6:58)Funkmaster Flex – Nuttin But Flavor
(6:58-9:21)Dollar Circulate Medley with 9th Wonder – Dollar Circulate/Steve Spacek – Dollar (Produced by J Dilla)/Billy Paul – Let The Dollar Circulate
(9:21-11:30) Felt – Dirty Girl (Murs Verse)
(11:30-13:31)Spank Rock – Screwville, USA (Instrumental)/Bun B Radio Interview
(13:31-16:20)Project Pat and Pimp C- Talkin’ Smart
(16:20-19:40)Lil Flip-RIP Pimp C
(19:40-20:10) Menahan Street Band – Made the Road by Walking
(20:10-22:40)Pete Rock and CL Smooth – They Reminisce Over You
(22:40-26:30)Notorious BIG – Juicy (Pete Rock Remix)

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