Future "WTF?" Guest Appearance: Kool G Rap & Haylie Duff?


Damn, I haven’t done one of these in a minute! I missed Remix Tuesdays too this week, I’m sorry y’all. I’m in Florida chilling right now and I get a bit lazy.

Anyway, I was checking for places to listen to DJ Premier’s Sirius radio show, Live at HeadQCourterz when I stumbled across the show’s MySpace. They have playlists available for the most recent shows and while I was reading the playlist for last week’s show, I found this:

Kool G. Rap(f. Haylie Duff)–"On The Rise"—(Half A Klip)—-(Latchkey)

I did a double take and checked Wikipedia and they seem to have the same track listed for Half A Klip. Then I went to G Rap’s label Chinga Chang Records’ MySpace and they had a radio rip from Live at HQ of the track streaming. Then I found the image posted above, apparently the single cover.

My mind is officially blown.

Anyway, make your own mind up about this track and listen to it on Ching Chang Records’ MySpace.

The only question I have: What is the audience G Rap is hoping to capture with this? Do Haylie Duff fans (do they exist?) enjoy the work of the Kool Genius? Or vice versa?

Maybe this is one of those Norah Jones situations, where her fans are blissfully unaware she’s been collaborating with Talib Kweli and the dude from Faith No More.

It’s strange that Haylie-Duff.org, a site that bills itself a the "ultimate source for Haylie Duff, isn’t covering this.

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