Allmusic Reviews "The Wire: And All the Pieces Matter -Five Years of Music from The Wire".


The trusty Allmusic weighs in. Here’s a excerpt:

Like the series, this isn’t an easy swallow and it’s not supposed to be. The fact is, though, that it carries its own punchy swagger. It’s not sequenced for approval; it’s sequenced as art — low, high, popular, "edgy," whatever you want to call it. It’s art man, period. It stands on its own, apart even from its obvious referents in the dialogue snippets. This is what radio used to be like back in the day; you never knew what you were gonna hear from one minute to the next. What was radio at one time? It was the soundtrack to life, and in that sense, at nearly 80 minutes, this whompy, unwieldy, unlikely wonder of a mixtape is a representation of that same thing for characters in The Wire.

Read the whole thing here.

Is anyone picking this up or already heard it? I just got into The Wire recently, so give me about 5 late passes. I’m only on season 2 and I’m hooked.

Bonus: My man Jesse from the Sound of Young America interviews The Wire actors Andre Royo (Bubbles) & Wendell Pierce (Bunk).

Listen below or download an mp3 of the interview here.

The Sound of Young America: The Wire’s Bubbles & Bunk

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  1. franchise

    Man, I say lock yourself in a room this weekend and finish season 2 so that you are ready for 3 & 4. Unplug phones and computer to avoid distractions. You are in for a ride! (nhjic)

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