MTV’s Lyricist Lounge Show.

ML commentator Dart Adams recently had a superb write up about the Lyricist Lounge Show that aired on MTV about 7 years ago. Needless to say it was my favorite thing on TV in middle school. So I did some digging in my dusty archives to bring out some rare audio clips of some of the sketches & freestyles from the show for our 2 readers to enjoy. Reflecting back on it, MTV needs to step up and release this series on DVD. Although, clearing all the music/artist is probably much more trouble than they are willing to deal with, can you imagine tracking down Master Fuol?

Zip File: Lyricist Lounge Show Mp3s.

End of episode freestyle Ft. Krazyie Bone, Big Boy, Wordsworth, Master Fuol, and Baby Power:

Reminisce with some more video footage after the jump.

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