"WTF?" Rapper Guest Appearances: LFO & M.O.P.?!

One of the most head scratching collaborations I’ve ever heard in my life. In what universe do LFO (aka Lyte Funky Ones) and M.O.P. (aka Mash Out Posse) share an audience? I guess they both go by acronyms…Anyway, Brownsville’s finest appear on an light ditty about appreciating life called "Life Is Good" (man, even the title seems to go against anything M.O.P. have said in their songs!)

Danz & Fame, who scored their biggest hit with a song about robbing people, jump in for a few surprisingly conscious bars that certainly aren’t embarrassing per se. But they don’t really fit the song at all and just sound hilariously out of place over LFO’s poppy boy-band-isms.

I should mention this is the album version and it’s been remixed by, um, adding a few scratches to make it more "rap-y". I dunno if they were hoping to capture the Timberland boots crowd with this remix but it stands as a testament to bizarre niche marketing. I should add that De La Soul also appear on a track on this album, but I’ve never heard it.

Here’s are the lyrics for M.O.P.’s verses (apologies if I mixed up Billy & Fame, I do that sometimes)

Billy Danzenie:

My mission is to save this world,
Cause it’s a never ending task
I don’t know where to begin,
And I feel I’m near the end
I don’t wanna live life doin’ petty nonsense
It’s hard to sleep at night with a guilty conscience
You know what’s really a mess, now I feel blessed
But twenty minutes from now, will it all turn to stress?
I’m twenty-seven years old and Brownsville raised
Upset with all the blood, the sweat, and the tears
Lil’ Fame:

Baby it’s on, a mother shed tears, at the same time, a baby is born
On the other side of town, a life is lost
A young thug was knocked off, and the heat was tossed
Damn, life is real, and so tragic
But don’t stop now, live your life, I know it’s hell for the rough,
But don’t talk down on ya man, unless you helpin’ him out

For kicks, go read the rest of the lyrics. They are hilariously stupid.

For those interested, don’t say I didn’t warn you:

Lyte Funky Ones (LFO) – Life Is Good (ft.M.O.P.)

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