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Breaking Atoms is on my list of top 5 hip hop albums. And a very unappreciated classic. Hell, it’s even technically a Canadian album! Go read up at Oh Word if you don’t know. And I recently discovered that the group filmed videos for all 4 of the singles from the album, all thanks to John Q at Lyrics to Go.

Here are the videos for all four singles off Breaking Atoms, in order of release:

“Looking At The Front Door”:

“Watch Roger Do His Thing”:


“Just Hangin’ Out” (look for the Nas cameo, back when he was the lil’ homey)

“Peace Is Not The Word To Play” (my favourite song off the album)


I’m out for the rest of the weekend, so let me ramble a little.

I’ve been writing for Metal Lungies for about 3 months or so now, and I just want to take a moment to thank a few people. My fellow ML contributor DJo1 for reaching out to me about writing for the site. Ivan at Hip Hop Is Read , Jesse from TSOYA  & Gretch at Bounce/oz for giving me an opportunity to write. Anyone who reads the site and especially anyone who cares enough to leave a comment, I do read them and always appreciate them. People who wrote to me after I posted about something they’re involved in (what up Jeff Jank?). Anyone who linked to the site. Artists who’ve reached out to me specifically as opposed to mass email promos. All the sites I read on the regular (too many to name, but check the increasingly long blog roll) and everyone who is contributing to the next Beat Drop post, it’s going to be amazing. Have a good rest of the weekend!

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