Duck Down Messes With Maxim Magazine

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How many magazines must get dissed? Duck Down Records, making light of the whole Maxim/Nas/Black Crowes review controversy, has volunteered two of their upcoming albums to be reviewed without actually being heard. A little more info:

In light of the recent allegations made against Maxim Magazine by the Black Crowes and Nas for printing LP reviews of their respective forthcoming albums without actually hearing either of them, Buckshot/9th Wonder and Kidz In the Hall gladly volunteered their upcoming albums to receive the same treatment. We would also like to invite Maxim to attend any Kidz In The Hall and Buckshot and 9th Wonder show, or any of our artists in general– attendance is of course only optional!!
These mock-ups are by in no way intended to attack Maxim Magazine’s credibility, or incriminate them in any manner; it’s all in good fun!
Kidz In the Hall and Buckshot/9th Wonder Plead With Maxim Magazine To Review Their Respective LP’s Without Hearing Them!

The mockups are too huge to embed, so I’ll give you links. Spoiler: there’s a lot of jokes about how intimidating Sean P is. This is classic material; feel free to save it for April Fools.

“The Formula” Maxim Mock Review/ “The In Crowd” Mock Review

How about previewing the albums yourself and forming your own opinion?

Buckshot & 9th Wonder ft Talib Kweli & Tyler Woods – Hold It Down

Kidz In The Hall – The Blackout

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