A day to (not) remember.

Four twenty is here again, breath easy my friends.  On this holiest of holy days, we pay respect to the fine gentleman who spread the gospel of the buddha day in and day out.  

Nas-Lifes a bitch and then ya die/thats why we get high/cause you never know when ya gonna go. 

Az- Life is a bitch, you do die, and you never know when you’re going to go. So why not get lifted once a week/day/hour or so?

Redman-I can do what the fuck I feel is real/blaze the pook with D don.

Devin the Dude-Twist a Philly, Zig-Zag, brown or wide/I don’t give a fuck just put some killer in side. 

Bone Thugs- We havin a celebration to stay high.  

People Under the Stairs-Locate a shady spot so we can circulate the stress/Mary Jane invades my brain now I can’t complain/ I’m sayin what else is there to do besides relax/ Let the problems in your mind become ancient artifacts.  

People tell me smoking makes you dumb.  I say most people are dumb to begin with; you decide what you make of your life, pothead or not.  But really with all the fear/violence/hate/lil wayne/selfishness in the world, passing a doobie to da left hand side may be the most productive thing any of us can do.  Stay up.

Devin the Dude-Doobie Ashtray

Bob Marley-Easy Skanking   


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