Alicia Keys is thug…and a little crazy.

The Star Telegram reported today on Alicia Keys interview with Blender where she reflected on the Rap game and her thuggish jewelery. Apparently, Keys believes “gangsta rap is a ploy to get black people to kill each other,” and the Biggie and Tupac feud was constructued by the government and media to bring down two potential black leaders. Also she wears a gold gat around her neck to represent “strength, power, and killing em dead.” Some interesting theories, but sounds a tad dubious.

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  1. illest

    I agree with Big and Pac statements. There is no such thing as east and west beef. Tupac used to be in Brooklyn around this time doing joints with Buckshot and Smif and Wessun so where the coastal beef then? And Big used to frequent LA. The media and government realized their white sons and daughters were buying this shit up. Everyone loved Pac and Big whether you were a 13 year old white boy from Iowa or a 50 year old white woman at a party you knew who they were and listened. Plus the black community looked up to them (they shouldnt have but they did). Pac and Big were probably the only rappers you could listen to with a chick and she wouldnt have a problem with it. You cant do that with any other rapper.

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