Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson.

The 24 year old singer-songwriter living in Brooklyn (I can only imagine how many blogs have typed those very same words) is releasing his self-titled debut on July 1 with Say Hey Records. I jumped on this when I saw who Miles has been working with. His new single “Buriedfed” was recorded by Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear) and performed with Chris Bear, Daniel Rosen (Grizzly Bear) and Kyp Malone (T.V. on the Radio). Yellow House (Grizzly Bear) and Return to Cookie Mountain (TVOTR) were two of my favorite records of the last couple years, so I was sub-consciously expecting something special. And something special I received. “Buriedfed” starts out with a folksy flavor, reminiscent of Bon Iver or Elvis Perkins, and builds into a garage rock anthem driven by Robinson’s drunken voice. Check out some other tunes here.

For all my peeps in NYC Miles will be at the Mercury Lounge tonight with Howlin’ Rain.

I’ve included some you’ll-love-this-if-you-like-the-first-song-mp3′s for your listening pleasure:

Download: Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson-Buriedfed

Daniel Rosen (Home Recording): Deep Blue Sea

Bon Iver: Skinny Love

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