MTV’s Rock The Cradle.

MTV has new show premiering tonight dubbed Rock The Cradle, which features the offspring of various musicians competing to see who has the most talent. 

The cast is:

Landon Brown (son of Bobby Brown),                                                                    A’keiba Burrell-Hammer (daughter of MC Hammer),                                             Lara Johnston (daughter of Tom Johnston /The Doobie Brothers),                Chloe Rose Lattanzi (daughter of Olivia Newton John),                                 Crosby Loggins (son of Kenny Loggins),                                                                      Jesse Money (daughter of Eddie Money),                                                                 Jesse Blaze Snider (son of Dee Snider),                                                                      Lil Al B Sure (son of Al B Sure),                                                                                Lucy Walsh (daughter of Joe Walsh/The Eagles).

You already know we are pulling for Lil Al B. Show premiers tonight at 10pm EST on MTV.

Some videos after the jump.

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