Why, God? Why?


When I heard about this show I was gassed. I was thinking we would get another White Rapper Show. But in the back of my mind I knew VH1 would fuck it up. And they did. But its only a trailer you say. How can I judge?

Three Things:

1) The set (or the fembassy) is straight out of Flavor of Love.
2) The bitches in the video were fighting, scantily clad, and one admitted to a drug addiction.
3) Soulja Boy is featured quickly in the end as one of the “Rap Superstars” the bitches would encounter (in the same category as Ghostface, no less)

For all those who enjoyed the minstrelsy of Flavor of Love, I’m sure this will come as a gift. The hosts are Yo-Yo and MC Serch, and I’m sure this will be some ignorance worthy of note.

Now that I think about it, I never really liked the White Rapper Show that much anyway. And MC Serch is an asshole and a sellout for doing this, so is Yo-Yo. They both get the gasface.

Prime Minister Pete Nice is still cool though…

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  1. Originoo Head

    Yo dude, you messed up it’s yo-yo’s wack ass not Lyte doin this mess wit Serch – im glad lyte didn’t play herself with this nonsense. Ur right about Serch though, dude fell the f off… that’s two strikes in a row, one more and hes outta here!!! All for the cash…

  2. illest

    whats the big deal? this is not that serious. if you dont like the show change it. its comedy. yo-yo looks good too. once again its just tv.

  3. illest

    The little kids shouldnt be watching and the parents should monitor that anyway. You dont think Serch and YoYo have little kids. Its just television. My daughter doesnt watch this because I dont let her. So we cant blame tv for ignorance when it comes down to the money. How about the ignorance of radio with songs like lollipop being played? Now thats ignorance.

  4. illest

    Plus if youve read Ego Trip magazine or Ego Trip Book of Racism and Book of Rap Lists, this is what they do. They love hiphop but at the same time make fun of all the cultural aspects surrounding it. Im not saying the show is good…it definitely isnt. But at 10 at night what else is there? Most kids should be asleep anyway.

  5. illest

    I dont think its fair that the ugly wack Khia broad is on there since shes had a hit record (of course terrible and nothing I listen to but a hit). And Byata has a record with Dj Premier called Byata is the Illest, which is a very very sick beat that he wasted on her. So how fair is that?

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