Al Green (Prod by ?uestlove)-Lay it Down

Once upon a time, Al Green taught the world how to treat a lady.  The silky grooves on “Lets Stay Together” are testements to the undying nature of true love, plus they are really bitchin tunes.  Back in the day, my father was clearly moved by the hopefulness of the title track.  He made it his ringtone as soon as he split with my mom.  I found this hilariously ironic; at the same time it made me lament for a record that could fill my heart with the love that my dad found in that song.  What the hell am I supposed to make babies too, huh?

Well my prayers are answered by the new Al Green Record, sort of.  Its an enjoyable listen and there are some standout tracks, but all in all its a little underwhelming.  Undoubtedly, the songs are still smothered in Al’s romantic goodness.  I mean every song is pretty much about his undying affection for a female or the lack there of.  So, in that respect I am satisfied (I give it a 8 out of 10 for babymaking potential).  But there isn’t the same “wow” factor that you saw in “Lets Stay Together” or “Tired of Being Alone.”  It seems that the soul vet has settled down a little, laying down tracks that are noticeably conservative.  

That being said I have been enjoying the record on repeat for the last few days.  ?uestlove nailed the production, and even added a little bit of hip-hop flavor without obstructing the soulful feel.  So, if your a fan of Al hit this up, no questions asked.  The record is released on May 27th

Download: Al Green-Standing in the Rain 

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  1. Vee

    I’m really looking forward to this CD. A number of his recently released material are pretty much good. Well, I enjoyed them.
    1995: Your Heart’s in Good Hands

    I need to get “I Can’t Stop” released in 2003.

    Well, I’m still a fan.

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